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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.

We have posted real-estate information, local information, shopping, culture unique to Japan, manners and other useful information for living in Japan. Please do bookmark and enjoy a wonderful Japanese life. In addition to , Rise Corp. publishes Sale & Rental property information in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Please compare the area information that you want to live with.

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Amazing Fact of Japan

Enjoyable Toilets in Japan

Japan is not a country where you will have to worry much about where or how to go to the bathroom. It is simple and even enjoyable.
Amazing Fact of Japan

The vending machines in Japan

What will you find in the vending machines in Japan? You will see the day-to-day fact of the amazing life in Japan.
Amazing Fact of Japan

Miracle Train of Japan

Taking the train during your visit to Japan is one of the best ways to really see the country. You will enjoy the day-to-day fact of the amazing life in Japan.
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide / HIROO and AZABU, Minato

Area guide of central tokyo "Hiroo" "Azabu"area. In this area, many expats living and has a good community for them in this area. Also there are English friendly super markets here.
Instruction manual

Bathroom dryer/ventilation systems and washing machines in Japan

Information on how to use a dryer/ventilation system and a washing machines with a dryer.