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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Living in Tokyo

Riding electrically power-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) in central Tokyo

Things to know about riding an electrically power-assisted bicycle (e-bikes) in Tokyo, the traffic rules, and how to make use of it.

Opening a Bank Account

For foreign nationals to open bank accounts in Japan, they are required to be residents in accordance with foreign exchange and foreign trade law.

Tattoo culture in Japan: Is it true that those having tattoos are not allowed Onsen bathing?

Are tattoos taboo? Denied Onsen entry? Here is an answer to the frequently asked question and the reasons behind the tattoo culture in Japan.

Acquiring a Cell Phone

When a medium- to long-term foreign resident in Japan enters into a contract for a cell phone, the content of this contract and the paperwork required varies depending on the service provider chosen.
Living in Tokyo

Using a prepaid train card – PASMO

Here you find how to make the most of PASMO, a prepaid smart card known as IC Card.

Procedures at the Ward Office for Moving

In Japan, when moving to a new address, you need to complete the moving-out procedure at the municipality where you created your certificate of residence, followed by the moving-in procedure at your new municipality.
Living in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo | Utility bill payments

What to know about the public utility system in Tokyo - water and electricity.
Living in Tokyo

Things that will make you confused about a Japanese-style house

Information about the Japanese lifestyle and housing facilities, deeply related to Japan's culture and climate.
Study for rental property

Living in Japan: Musician friendly rental houses/apartments

What to know about rental properties, houses, apartments, allowing renters to play the piano and other musical instruments.
Living in Tokyo

Driving a motor vehicle in Japan | Traffic rules

Things to know about driving a motor vehicle in Japan, basic traffic rules and road conditions. How to drive in Japan!