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We have posted real-estate information, local information, shopping, culture unique to Japan, manners and other useful information for living in Japan. Please do bookmark and enjoy a wonderful Japanese life. In addition to , Rise Corp. publishes Sale & Rental property information in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Please compare the area information that you want to live with.

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Tokyo Area Guide / Akasaka in Minato-Ku

Tokyo Area Guide/Akasaka in Minato ku
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Living in Japan: Musician friendly rental houses/apartments

What to know about rental properties, houses, apartments, allowing renters to play the piano and other musical instruments.

Types of Working Visas and Their Characteristics

Visas with specialized work type restrictions。Visas that provide freedom to carry out the same working activities as Japanese people。Residence qualifications which do not generally permit work
Driving in Tokyo

Driving in Japan: Driver’s License required for drivers from abroad

Foreign driver’s license/permit required to carry when driving in Japan.

Switching from a Short-Term Visa to a Working Visa

With a short-term visa, even if you find work during your stay, switching to a working visa is generally not approved. However, there is a method which is an exception to this rule.
Area Guide Tokyo

Kawasaki Area Guide/ Musashi-Kosugi KANAGAWA Pref.

Kawasaki Area Guide/Musashikosugi
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide / TSUKISHIMA in Chuo-Ku

Introduction of Tsukishima area, This area is down town of Tokyo and has long history. Especially this area is very famous of Monjayaki. There is Monja street here
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Japanese style houses | Washitsu rooms and room size measurement

Rooms in traditional Japanese style are called Washitsu, comprise of Tatami mats spread on the floor and wood fittings that include Shoji and Fusuma.

About Japanese Visas

Visas are required for entry into Japan (immigration inspection), while resident status provides permission for carrying out certain activities in Japan after passing the inspections at the departure and arrival airports and entering the country.
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide / MEGURO in Meguro-ku

The History and Characteristics of Meguro Area. Many place to visit like Ryusenji, Furniture street and gonnosukezaka. Very nice for walk, eat and drink.