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We have posted real-estate information, local information, shopping, culture unique to Japan, manners and other useful information for living in Japan. Please do bookmark and enjoy a wonderful Japanese life. In addition to , Rise Corp. publishes Sale & Rental property information in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Please compare the area information that you want to live with.

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Study for Buy-Sell property

Mortgage and Revolving Mortgage | Real-estate transactions in Japan

Things to know about the mortgage and revolving mortgage loans, the difference in each loan type, and the registration/deregistration procedures.
Things to know about property viewing

Rules on real-estate transactions in Japan | Jiko Bukken

Guidelines on deals of properties - rental houses, apartments, summarised about Jikobukken that dealing tends to be in trouble.
Living in Tokyo

Things to know about bicycle-sharing services in Japan | A guide to living in Tokyo

All about bicycle-sharing services in Tokyo, how to use and tips for making the best use of them.
Living in Tokyo

Things to know about car-sharing services in Japan | A guide to living in Tokyo

Here you find all about car-sharing services in Tokyo, how to use and tips for making the best use.
Living in Tokyo

On-street parking in Tokyo – How to use and the regulations | Living in Tokyo

How to use paid street parking spaces in Tokyo, and what to know for legal parking there.
Living in Tokyo

How to use an hourly parking lot | Living in Tokyo information

Hourly parking lots available in the Tokyo area - types of facilities and the services to use.

Quake-proof capability of housing in Japan

All about earthquake-resistant measures required for houses and apartments in Japan, from quake-proof/quake-absorbing structures to earthquake preparedness.

What is the red triangle on the window? | Japanese architectural design standards

A red triangle on the window indicates a fire brigade entrance, essential for some buildings under the Japanese building standards law.

Japanese systems of measurement | Living in Tokyo

Japan uses the metric system and some other traditional units of measurement in everyday life.
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide/ FUTAKO TAMAGAWA, Setagaya-ku

Comfortable balance of Natural and Urban overlong the Tama River  Area Overview: What's the area Futako Tamagawa like? Futako-Tamagawa station is located in Setagaya ward, Tokyo. The area is commonly called “Nikotama” from an alternate ...