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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama

We have information based on real estate that useful to living in Japan, such as regional, shopping, manners and culture information. Please do book mark and enjoy living in Japan. We have property information in area of Tokyo and Yokohama, Compare the area information to the area you would like to live.

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Things to know about property viewing

Finding a rental property in Japan | Things to do and know about viewing

If you look for a rental property in Japan, viewing or ‘Naiken’ is indispensable. The viewing helps you to understand the actual room size and layout as it is hard to grasp the whole picture just from browsing the room plan and photographs.
Service apartment

Finding the difference between Service apartments, Furnished rental properties, and General rental properties

The comparison of the different types of rental properties in Japan, to be selected based on the purpose of your stay and staying period.
instruction manual

Tips for finding rental properties in Japan: The reason why applying earlier is the better

Things to know when finding the best rental homes and apartments in Japan, including how to take advantage by applying early.

Living in Japan | How to dispose of household waste – Part 2

Basic information on how to sort/dispose of household waste in Japan.

Living in Japan | How to dispose of household waste – Part 1

Basic information on how to sort/dispose of household waste in Japan.
Area information

Area information: Azabujyuban

Easy living in Azabu Juban ! Recommended spots for foreign residents       “Azabu Juban” is internationally famous and it is always been highly ranked area where people would like to live.The area around Azabu Juban Station is full of secu...
Property for rent

Things to know before renting an apartment/a house in Japan: Equipment and furniture

Necessary information and checklist to find a rental housing/apartment that better fits your requirements.
instruction manual

Things required for restoration and not allowed to do for customizing rental housing/apartments

Information on required restoration and cautions on customization for rental housing/apartments - Not to paint on walls and drill holes in walls.
Amazing Fact of Japan

Overtime work in Japan

Few countries have such an overwhelming commitment to work in the same way Japan does. From their focus on harmony to the requirement for long working hours, everything in Japanese culture points towards work being the center of the average person’s life.
Property for rent

Guide to Renting apartments and houses in Tokyo

Overview: The Leasing Process RISE Corp is a leading real estate agent in Tokyo with years of experience assisting expats in their quest for the perfect property. We are a full service provider and can help you through every step of the le...