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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.

We have posted real-estate information, local information, shopping, culture unique to Japan, manners and other useful information for living in Japan. Please do bookmark and enjoy a wonderful Japanese life. In addition to , Rise Corp. publishes Sale & Rental property information in the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. Please compare the area information that you want to live with.

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Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide/Tokyo Roppongi-1 chome Minato-ku

Roppongi 1 chome, Area guile, Tokyo
Living in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo | Utility bill payments

What to know about the public utility system in Tokyo - water and electricity.
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide/ Aoyama 1 chome in Minato ku

The History and Characteristics of Aoyama 1-chome The area around Aoyama 1-chome Station, which is known as the prime location in the city center. It is the area where adults can live a high quality life. The city h...

Acquiring a Certificate of Residence

A certificate of residence is a document verifying your current address and other information registered in the basic resident register for the municipality where you live.
Living in Tokyo

Things that will make you confused about a Japanese-style house

Information about the Japanese lifestyle and housing facilities, deeply related to Japan's culture and climate.

Entering and Re-entering Japan with a Working Visa

Generally speaking, foreign nationals entering Japan after receiving a residence status qualification which allows work (working visa) will be given a residence card at the airport when their entry is approved.
Things to know about property viewing

The language barrier you may encounter when finding a rental house/apartment in Japan

The reasons why non-Japanese speaking people can find only a few rental properties in Japan.
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide / JIYUGAOKA in Meguro-ku

Jiyugoka area is very trendy and peaceful area. There are many shops, Cafe, Bar and Izakaya. Everytime you go here, you can find something new!!
Area Guide Tokyo

Tokyo Area Guide / AKASAKA in Minato-Ku

Tokyo Area Guide/Akasaka in Minato ku
Study for rental property

Living in Japan: Musician friendly rental houses/apartments

What to know about rental properties, houses, apartments, allowing renters to play the piano and other musical instruments.