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The History and Characteristics of Shoto Area

A Street in SHOTO Area

Shoto is a luxury residential area located in the southwestern part of Shibuya Ward.
While being within walking distance from JR Shibuya Station,elegant mansion and luxury condominiums lined up giving you a relaxed atmosphere.
Let us introduce the features and livability of the luxury residential area “Shoto” in Shibuya Ward.

Characteristics of Shoto



Shoto is known as a high-end luxury residential area in Shibuya-ku Tokyo.
Very quiet area that spreads around a gentle slope from the west of Tokyu Department Store at Shibuya Station.

Shoto has many houses surrounded by high walls,because there is no garden on the street side and it is very quiet.
Shoto’s land tends to be sold to high-ranking people such as company presidents, executives and politicians.

It is designated as a “first-class low-rise residential area” where middle and high-rise buildings cannot be built if it’s facing the main street.

Shoto 1-2 Chome and Kamiyama-cho have rules over 200m², The purpose, height, building coverage of the building are clearly defined.

As a result, there are many spacious and large mansions in Shoto’s residential area.
Eisaburo Ueno that owner of Shibuya Station’s symbol, “Chuken-Hachiko ”, his home was also at Shoto 1-chome.
You can easily reach downtown Shibuya and there are many cultural facilities where you can enjoy shopping and art.

Bunkamura  is a theater ,art and music center.The Shoto Museum of Art which displays a wide range of works of art and the Toguri Museum of Art which specializes in ceramics.

In Kamiyama-cho and Shinsen-cho which are adjacent to Shoto, there are shopping streets lined with private shops making it convenient for everyday shopping.
There is a pond and a water wheel in the garden in the green Nabeshima Shoto Park,In the spring Yoshino cherry trees and cherry blossoms in full bloom.
It is also close to the greenery of Yoyogi Park so you can enjoy daily walks while feeling the nature.

The origin of Shoto’s name

Street in Shoto area

It is said that the origin of the place name “Shoto” is that the Nabeshima family (former Saga feudal lord) who was transferred from the Tokugawa family after the Meiji Restoration ran a tea garden called “Shotoen”.

At that time, there were many pine forests in the Shibuya area and the tea produced at Shotoen was popular with Tokyo residents.

The meaning of the word “Shoto” is likened to the whirlwind of a tea ceremony whirling to the shore and the coast.

In the Taisho era, the surrounding land was sold to political and business leaders in units of 200 units, making it the current luxury residential area.
At that time to buy a land at Shoto was by referral only.

As mentioned above,residential areas were formed by high-ranking government officials, military leaders and executives of large corporations.

Livelihood of Shoto

The nearest station of Shoto is Shinsen Station Keio Inokashira Line,but JR Shibuya station is also within walking distance.

Easy access to Tokyu Dentetsu and Tokyo Metro from Shibuya Station as well as bus routes so very convenient to go everywhere.

There are Shibuya Ward Jinnan Elementary School and Shibuya Ward Shoto Junior High School, so people who are raising children will have a safe life in education.

There are many public facilities such as the embassy of New Zealand and Mongolia and the Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and security is perfect.

Shoto rarely has new apartments and even second-hand properties are also valuable,so it is a good idea for residents to search in advance.


There are many restaurants around Shoto and it is crowded with many people during lunch and dinner on weekdays.
Why not take a stroll through Shoto and feel the atmosphere of the city? 


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