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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Living in Tokyo

Things to know about car-sharing services in Japan | A guide to living in Tokyo

Here you find all about car-sharing services in Tokyo, how to use and tips for making the best use.
Living in Tokyo

On-street parking in Tokyo – How to use and the regulations | Living in Tokyo

How to use paid street parking spaces in Tokyo, and what to know for legal parking there.
Living in Tokyo

How to use an hourly parking lot | Living in Tokyo information

Hourly parking lots available in the Tokyo area - types of facilities and the services to use.
Driving in Tokyo

Driving in Japan: Driver’s License required for drivers from abroad

Foreign driver’s license/permit required to carry when driving in Japan.
Living in Tokyo

Driving a motor vehicle in Japan | Traffic rules

Things to know about driving a motor vehicle in Japan, basic traffic rules and road conditions. How to drive in Japan!
Amazing Fact of Japan

Parking in Japan

The land in Tokyo is very small but on the other hand, most of people have a car. Therefore, most of car parking in Tokyo is Mechanical parking which we think it is rare in other countries.