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The History and Characteristics of Kagurazaka Area

Kagurazaka is a popular area that is often featured in overseas city walking guidebooks.
There is a history of the flower district where geishas once gathered where good old Japanese town atmosphere still remains the same.

Let’s look at the history and characteristics of the Kagurazaka.

KAGURAZAKA Shopping Street

Kagurazaka Station is located in Yakucho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

It is located between Waseda Station and Iidabashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line. Ushigome Kagurazaka Station is on the Toei Oedo Line Iidabashi Station where you can use the JR Chuo Line and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line is also within walking distance.

Famous spots around Kagurazaka Station include Akagi Shrine, Shirogane Park and Bishamon Tenzenkokuji Temple.

There are many narrow alleys and steep slopes around Kagurazaka Street,there is also a narrow alley with cobblestones. There are various shops on Kagurazaka-dori, including supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores and general stores.

In the past, There were many luxury restaurants in the area but in recent years there have been many cozy cafes also some Japanese,French and Italian restaurants.

Kagurazaka is fun place to walk around and its got an impression of a good adult town.

Back Street / Kagurazaka area

“Kagurazaka” is a name with a wonderful sound but what is the origin of its name? The origin of the name Kagurazaka has been described in various theories related to kagura since the Edo period. And there is a theory derived from the sound of kagura.

“The name of the festival at Anahachiman is better than the service of Kagura at the inn on the middle of this hill.”

In the cityscape around the samurai times,it seems that the sound of the flute was echoing on the gongs and drums of the Kagura Hayashi.

Kagurazaka is on the east side of Kagurazaka Station with a long shopping street continues to Kagura Sakashita near Iidabashi Station.

Kagurazaka has a cityscape similar to Paris in France,it is commonly called “the little Paris of Tokyo”.

There are also many fashionable cafes, restaurants and supermarkets also variety of shops and facilities for daily needs.

The area around Kagurazaka Station is quiet and safe,this area is popular among single women and foreigners. There are many restaurants and so many tourists around and heavy traffic during the day but its still quiet area.

Please keep in mind that when you are walking away from the station there are only few street lights and its turns into dark roads towards residential areas.

Kagurazaka has few and limited vacancies and high rents so even for 25 square meter apartment the rent starts at the 100,000 yen and up.

Many high-rise apartment rentals costs between 200,000 and 300,000 yen. And in recent years, foreign families living in the area have been increasing.

From Kagurazaka Station  access to “Tokyo Station”, “Shibuya Station”, “Shinjuku Station” and “Ikebukuro Station” is relatively good and about 20 minutes.
Even though its located in Tokyo kagurazaka is very comfortable to live.

Kagurazaka is an attractive city and perfect for adults to walk around.

So why not spend your holiday, relax and walk along the narrow cobbled alleys of Kagurazaka?


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