Living Guide in Tokyo / RISE Corp.

To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Things to know about property viewing

Rules on real-estate transactions in Japan | Jiko Bukken

Guidelines on deals of properties - rental houses, apartments, summarised about Jikobukken that dealing tends to be in trouble.
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Leasing of the non-resident owners in Japan | Master lease and Sublease Agreements

Tax-withholding, required in leasing commercial real estate from the non-resident owners/foreign owners, is not necessary under master lease/sub-lease agreements.
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Taxation in Japan: Tax applicable to the rent being paid by a company

If a company provides housing for directors on its board, some conditions are concerned with taxation, such as whether the floor space excluding the balcony/outdoor area is over 240㎡, and the accommodation includes luxury facilities.

Rental properties in Japan | Paying tax on rent on behalf of a foreign owner

In Japan, renting a rental property from an owner living abroad may require tax-withholding when paying the rent.
Things to know about property viewing

The language barrier you may encounter when finding a rental house/apartment in Japan

The reasons why non-Japanese speaking people can find only a few rental properties in Japan.
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Living in Japan: Musician friendly rental houses/apartments

What to know about rental properties, houses, apartments, allowing renters to play the piano and other musical instruments.

Japanese style houses | Washitsu rooms and room size measurement

Rooms in traditional Japanese style are called Washitsu, comprise of Tatami mats spread on the floor and wood fittings that include Shoji and Fusuma.
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Living with pets in Japan: Things to know about owning a pet

Having a pet in Japan requires the owner to follow some rules and regulations. Pet owners who rent a pet-friendly property need to know about requirements.
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Finding a rental property in Japan | Things to do and know for property viewing

If you look for a rental property in Japan, viewing or ‘Naiken’ is indispensable. The viewing helps you to understand the actual room size and layout as it is hard to grasp the whole picture just from browsing the room plan and photographs.
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Tips for finding rental properties in Japan: The reason why applying earlier is the better

Things to know when finding the best rental homes and apartments in Japan, including how to take advantage by applying early.