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Kanagawa Area Guide / MUSASHI-KOSUGI, Kawasaki

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The Most Developed Area for Families in the 2000s

In Kanagawa prefecture, there are as many as 5 station names that start from “Musashi”, originating from the name of an ancient province in Kanto district. Among all of them, this “Musashi-KOSUGI” has been developed more dramatically than other Musashi stations for the past few decades. Nowadays it has been one of the popular stations among Japanese, especially families.

Characteristics of Musashi-Kosugi


Musashi-Kosugi was originally an industrial area, and nothing like what it is now until the late 2000s. Even though a group of “tower mansion” (meaning “high-rise condominium” in Japanese) has become symbolic for Musashi-Kosugi in recent years, it was only in 2008 when the first tower mansion was built on the site of where big factories were used to largely occupy. Since the Urban Redevelopment Project started in the 1980s, Musashi-Kosugi has been developed as a new town under the concept of “walkable compact city”. The roads are universally-designed flat and wide, and public facilities such as the ward office, city library, police station and clinics are within walking distance from the station.

Transportation: 3 JR Lines, 2 Tokyu Lines and 1 Sotsu Line

Musashi-Kosugi serves the entire metropolitan rail network all over Yokohama and big terminal stations such as Shibuya, Osaki, Shinagawa and Tokyo for less than 20mins each, as well as some country services to other Kanto regions. It is served by 2 major train companies JR and Tokyu. In 2019, Sotetsu Line is linked into the JR line and the non-stop network spreads all the way from Ebina to Shinjuku.

Not only the convenient public transportations but also the access to daily necessities appeals a lot to commuters and families. There are many complex shopping facilities within 5 mins walk to the station, and you can see many families with strollers enjoying shopping on weekends.

Comments from RISE Corp


Even though the station is as convenient as big terminal stations in Tokyo like Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Shibuya, the rent in Musashi-Kosugi is relatively less because the address is still Kanagawa. Tower mansions around the station are the best interest from many people for not only its access to daily necessities, but also an open feeling brought by a great view of skyscrapers of Tokyo, Tama River and  Mt. Fuji (if you are lucky). Front service, lounge, kids room or gyms are available at many tower mansions. In addition to high-rise buildings, there are residential areas within walking distance from the station where you can expect more spacious houses and apartments at lower rent than tower mansions.


Musashi-Kosugi is a city that is not only for the active working generations, but also for children and elderlies. There are few slopes in the neighborhood and you can easily enjoy walking and cycling.

If you have been just relocated in Japan, you will appreciate how convenient it is to travel from Musashi-Kosugi to both Yokohama and Tokyo areas. Going to Narita and Haneda airports is also easy if you take direct airport bus service or Narita Express from the station. No need to carry around suitcases in crowded trains would be a plus if you are a frequent traveler.

Also, it will be a good option for families who have children to go to International schools such as YIS, St Maur or German School in Yokohama, and even schools in Shibuya. You might feel the area is less international than central Tokyo, however, the whole family-friendly environment here is sometimes very difficult to get in busy Tokyo.

Getting to Know Musashi-Kosugi More

 Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Tokyu Square Musashi-Kosugi

Location: Directly connected to Musashikosugi Station
Business hours: (Shopping/Service)10am-9pm (Restaurants) 11am-11pm


LaLa Terrace Musashi-Kosugi

Location: 3-1302 Shinmarukohigashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Business hours: 10am-9pm

Grand Tree Musashi-Kosugi

Location: 3-1135-1 Shinmarukohigashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Business hours: 10am-9pm (Supermarket)

Grand Tree Marche (Ito Yokado)

Location: 3-1135-1 Shinmarukohigashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa (Grand Tree Musashikosugi 1F)

Business hours: 10am-9pm (Supermarket)


Nakahara Heiwa Park

Well-equipped playground located only 15mins walk away from the station. Taking a bit longer walk to Tama River is a good weekend activity where you can enjoy exercise or barbecue in the spacious open air unlike small urban life in Tokyo.

Location: 33-1 Kizukisumiyoshicho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa  ※No parking

Kosugi Core Park

This plaza is often used as a venue of local events. You can enjoy christmas lights in winter.

Location: Right at the South Exit of the station.

Other Local Spots

Center Road Kosugi

Recommended for fans of old-fashiones izakayas to stroll around to discover cheap and good local Japanese food and drink.

Location: Around 3 Kosugimachi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa


A 250m shopping avenue stretching from the south exit of the station, interesting local events are held all year round such as Yomikoshi (night festival with portable shrines) and have been providing a place for local people to communicate with the neighborhood.

Location: 3 mins walk from the south exit of Musashi-Kosugi Station

Keihin Fushimi Inari Jinja

A shrine believed to fulfill fortunes mainly related to business and education. Interestingly, the lava of Mt. Fuji is featured in the shrine and due to it being built to enshrine that famous Fushimi Inari Jinja in Kyoto, it is secretly a popular spot among tourists for being able to visit the same red torii gates as Kyoto.

Location: 2-980 Shinmarukohigashi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa   ※No parking

Ichinotsubo Shrine

It is located behind Hosho-dori also attracts many locals and visitors for summer festivals. The mixture of old town and new town is another reason for people to be fascinated by Musashi-Kosugi.

Location: 54 Ichinotsubo, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa   ※No parking


*Contents which are published in this Area Guide were based on the coverage compiled in September 2020. 

For the latest information such as business hours please contact each facility.



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