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Tokyo Area Guide / YOYOGI PARK and YOYOGI-UEHARA Area in Shibuya-ku

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The History and Characteristics of Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara Area

Shinjuku area overlooking Yoyogi Park

The area around Yoyogi Uehara Station in Shibuya Ward is a popular area where you can feel the richness of greenery while staying in the city center.

Close to Yoyogi Park,the quiet and calm environment has been chosen as a family group by single women living alone.
We will introduce the characteristics of the streets around Yoyogi Uehara and comfortable living.

Characteristics of Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara

Yoyogi Uehara Station is a quiet luxury residential area located in the western part of Shibuya Ward and it is a rail station with two lines which are Odakyu odawara line and Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line.

It is only 5 minutes to Shinjuku Station, 10 minutes to Shibuya Station, 18 minutes to Otemachi Station by train and convenient for commuting to the other areas.

There are many hills around Yoyogi Uehara Station and lower lands are commercial areas.

There are many stylish French, Italian restaurants and cafes usually full of women in their 20s and 30s.

Foreign-related facilities such as the Tokyo Cami and Turkish Cultural Center and the Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire creating an international atmosphere.

Residential areas spreaded on the hills to the north and south side of the station and detached houses and low-rise apartments are lined up.

The area from Nishihara to Oyama-machi on the north side of the station is famous as a residential area developed and sold to the wealthy in the early Showa(昭和) period.

The area around Yoyogi Uehara Station is also close to the city center but it is also popular for its greenery.

The origin of Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara’s name





“Yoyogi Uehara” was previously called “Ueppara” like countryside,because it is derived from the flat terrain seen from Yoyogi Village.

It has changed to “Uehara” and it is now called Yoyogi Uehara.

Nishihara Oyamacho located on the west side of Yoyogi Uehara has become known as a luxury residential area.

It is a quiet luxury residential area now, but in the early Showa(昭和) period it was a spacious and rich natural area with fields and ranches.

The station name “Yoyogi Hachimangu” is also known as a power spot.

“Yoyogi Park” is close to Shibuya and Shinjuku and famous as a healing spot in the city center.

Comfort of living in Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara


Yoyogi-koen Area / Street

The area around Yoyogi Uehara is a calm cityscape close to Yoyogi Park and green landscapes.

Good access to the terminal station and It is also a convenient place to commute to work or go to the city.

There are traditional tofu shops, greengrocers, public baths in front of Yoyogi Uehara Station and Uehara Ginza Shopping Street in front of the station where you can feel the warmth of the city.

Rental rates for Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara are the highest in Tokyo area and restaurants and meals are relatively expensive.

If you live a little away from the station and there are many hills and people who use electric bicycles are also often seen.

On holidays, you can stroll along Tamagawa Josui Old Waterway Hatagaya Green Road or relax at Yoyogi Oyama Park.


Yoyogi Park and Yoyogi Uehara are luxury residential areas with a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
Even though it is located in an urban area (Walk-able to Omotesando), it doesn’t feel like crowded giving the impression of a balance between convenience and livability.

There are many musicians, arts and fashion-related people living here so it is a very charming and attractive.


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