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To make yourself comfortable to live in Tokyo and Yokohama.



Types of Working Visas and Their Characteristics

Visas with specialized work type restrictions。Visas that provide freedom to carry out the same working activities as Japanese people。Residence qualifications which do not generally permit work

Switching from a Short-Term Visa to a Working Visa

With a short-term visa, even if you find work during your stay, switching to a working visa is generally not approved. However, there is a method which is an exception to this rule.

About Japanese Visas

Visas are required for entry into Japan (immigration inspection), while resident status provides permission for carrying out certain activities in Japan after passing the inspections at the departure and arrival airports and entering the country.
Amazing Fact of Japan

Japan’s napping culure, anytime anywhere !?

Taking a nap on public buses, trains, and other venues is considered acceptable in Japan. Here are seven reasons why it's fine to take a nap in public when you're in Japan.
Amazing Fact of Japan

“Kawaii” is big in Japan! What is Kawaii ?

To understand the popularity of kawaii in Japan, perhaps we need to concentrate on wider Japanese culture.
Amazing Fact of Japan

The conflict avoiding culture of Japan

When it comes to public harmony, there’s no place better at keeping the balance than Japan. Known locally as ‘WA’ this concept is one where everyone strives to get along.
Amazing Fact of Japan

Why Japanese people wear masks? Common sense!?

Read on to find out many reasons why Japanese people wear surgical masks and walk on the street